Ani-Gram-It Game

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The Ani-gram-it Board Game is sturdy in the hand and pleasing to the eye. 100 colorful chit board tiles feature images of animal’s anatomy — from limbs to whiskers to eyes — on one side, and the corresponding words on the other. The game celebrates the beauty of species of our world based in the beloved format of crossword game play, using similar strategy to add to existing animals and change them as you would add letters to words already played.

As play is visual, it’s accessible to young children who don’t yet read on purpose, so young kids can play with older kids, adults, and grandparents and they can share their knowledge of favorite animals and learn from each other and together.

Ani-gram-it adds love of animals to the renewed interested in tabletop games, and renewed love of nature can be enjoyed on game nights. For 2-4 players ages 5 and up.