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In the early 19th century, Asalto was developed based on the earlier game called Fox and Geese (also known by many other names, depending on where the players lived). This little war game was commercially published in 1803 in Prussia as “Belagerung Spiel”, and became popular throughout Europe. A larger version was created in the late 1800s bringing a new challenge to the game table: 50 soldiers besieging a fortress defended by only 7 officers. But these are powerful officers, and these 50 soldiers have a tough task before them! It’s a great challenge for two players.

The Peg Pastimes edition is based on a larger version of Asalto that appeared sometime around 1870 in Prussia. This version features full-color artwork on a 5.5-inch square solid wood board, providing ample room for the 57 pieces. The standard size cribbage pegs are used so pieces stay put until they're moved. Made in USA for 2 players ages 8+.