Aseb Game of Ancient Egypt


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Aseb is a strategy board game from the Ancient Games of Egypt collection from NewVenture Games. Originally from Babylon or Mesopotamia, and migrated to Egypt, Aseb is the Egyptian version of the ancient Middle Eastern "The Game of 20 Squares."

According to some historians the Egyptian name of this game was Tjau, which in the ancient Egyptian slang meant “got it!” or “bingo!” but others claim that this name is a mistake. Aseb is related to the Royal Game of Ur in its more archaic form (it’s simpler than the Ur game), and probably arrived in Egypt from ancient Sumer, during the 17th Dynasty. Versions of Aseb have been found in Egypt, Sudan, Crete, and even in India. Components: 4x8.5-inch board, 10 pegs (5 each of 2 colors), 4 throw-sticks. For two players ages 8+. Made in USA.