Brandubh Strategy Game

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Two-player strategy game Brandubh (pronounced “bran-doov” with the trailing “v” barely sounded) is descended from Norse tafl games (likely a variant of the Welsh game tawlbrrd). This theory is supported by a 10th-century artifact found in Balinderry, Ireland, consisting of a wooden board with a seven-by-seven grid, marked off by holes suitable for pegs, and it has Celtic designs on it.

The modern rules are based on surviving tafl rules adapted to the smaller board. When playing historical games without detailed accounts, the rules are often subject to interpretation. Ultimately, it’s the playability that will determine the “best” rule set. Try the variants for yourself and decide which you like best!

Includes a wooden game board, two sets of pegs, and complete instructions. A strategy game for 2 players, ages 6+. Made in USA. WARNING CHOKING HAZARD: Small Parts Not for children under 3 years.