Froebel Gifts 1-9 Full Set

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These 10 educational toys (see list below) include the Froebel® Gifts 1-9 This is a typical assortment of Froebel Gifts (Eunmul, Gabe, Spielgabe) based on the one-inch scale, including yarn balls, wood blocks, colored wood parquetry tablets, wood sticks, rings, colored wood points.

For convenience, Gifts 7-9 feature a grid imprinted on the underside of the box lid. Minimal instruction material is included but there are several options available here in the store (and elsewhere online). Made in China.

For ages 3+. WARNING: Small Parts, may pose a choking hazard for children under age 3 years.

This package contains:

Gift 1 (12 yarn balls in slide-top wood box)
Gifts 2-6 (solid wood blocks in slide-top boxes)
Gift 7 (colored wood tablets in slide-top box)
Gift 8S (colored wood sticks in slide-top box)
Gift 8R (colored wood rings in slide-top box)
Gift 9 (colored wood points in slide-top box
Large sturdy wood grid board (15 inches square)
Instruction booklet for Gifts 1-6