Cryptozoology Blocks

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These 4 colorful 1.75" wood blocks feature 24 mythological creatures from the work of designer/author Mark Gonyea. Cryptozoology is defined as the study of "hidden animals," often animals whose existence lacks verified physical evidence but appear in myths, legends, or reported sightings, including Ahool, Arabhar, Bigfoot, Bunyip, Dover demon, Chupacabra, Globster, Jackalope, Jersey devil, Kappa, Kraken, Lizard people, Loch ness monster, Mongolian death worm, Mothman, Tatzelwurm, Mermaid, Owlman, Skunkape, Miraj, Thunderbird, Wendigo, Ya-te-veo, and Yeti. Made in USA for ages 3+.