Explore Folding the Circle vol. 1

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Explore Folding of the Circle: Activity Book 1 is the first in Bradford Hansen-Smith's series of hands-on instructions for folding circles. This book contains the first steps in generating information and some amazingly beautiful and complex forms by simply folding and joining circles.

Because measuring, cutting, and putting pieces together requires some skill and higher level thinking, geometry is not usually taught until the high school level. This book brings the experience of these concepts and functions down to the primary grade level by folding paper plates. All that is necessary is to be able to fold a circle in half, observe, and talk about what you have done.

Hansen-Smith's revolutionary approach delves into the comprehensive nature of the circle and demonstrates the pattern base for the geometric patterns observed in nature. This series of spiral-bound activity guides contains information about art, patterns and design, geometry, crafts, origami, mathematics, and more. Useful in the classroom, homeschooling, or for self-study. Published in 2006 by Wholemovement Publications. 64 pp. ISBN 978-0-9766773-2-1 (0-9766773-2-6)

About this book
Table of contents
The Series
The circle
Five Platonic Solids
Tips For Folding Circles
Start Folding
Three Diameters
More on Diameters
Vector Equilibrium (VE) Sphere
Closest Packing of Spheres
The Tetrahedron
Joining Tetrahedra
The Octahedron
Transforming the Octahedron
The Icosahedron
Stellated Tetrahedron
Stellated Octahedron
Stellated Icosahedron
Properties of Five
Pi Folding
Ex.1 Reforming triangle
Ex.2 2-frequency tetrahedra transforming systems
Ex.3 Tetrahedra hinge joining
Ex.4 Center/non-center connections
Ex.5 Intersecting tetrahedra
Ex.6 Fractal
Ex.7 Bi-pentacap dodecahedron development
Glossary of common terms
About the author