Explore Folding the Circle vol. 2

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This is the second volume of Bradford Hansen-Smith's series of hands-on instructions for folding circles. This second volume expands on the material in the first book and takes the reader into new territory. While other approaches to teaching geometry are geared toward the analytical and from traditional static modeling, this book brings the experience of these concepts and functions down to the primary grade level by folding paper plates. All that is necessary is to be able to fold a circle in half, observe, and talk about what you have done. Hansen-Smith's revolutionary approach delves into the comprehensive nature of the circle, or that demonstrate the information revealed through folding. This work provides an in-depth exploration of the reformation and transformational nature of the circle, as well as demonstrates the pattern base for the geometric patterns observed in nature from folding circles. There are plenty of books that give geometric and mathematical descriptions of the design and forms observed in nature and the circle as an abstract basis for construction of diagrams. Folding circles is about patterns and how they are formed, reformed, and transformed that is experiential and understandable through the student's own observations. This series of spiral-bound activity guides contains information about art, patterns and design, geometry, crafts, origami, mathematics, and more. Useful in the classroom, homeschooling, or for self-study. Published in 2006 by Wholemovement Publications. 64 pp. Spiralbound. ISBN # 978-0-9766773-3-8

Table of contents

  3     About Series Book 2
  5     Table of contents
  6     Principles are what happens first
  7     Circle
  8     Tips for folding
  9     Start folding
10    Three diameters
13    4-Frequency triangle grid
15    Hexagon
16    Transforming the hexagon
21    Tetrahedron
23    Vector equilibrium (VE)
24    Icosahedron
28    Pentagon
33    Square
35    Octahedron
37    Conical helix
39    Rhomboid            
45    Tetrahelix
48    Triangle
55    Pyramids
59    Hinge joining
        Torus ring
61    Front cover
62    Glossary
63    About the author
64    Other books by author