Folding circle Tetrahedra


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In-depth companion book to Geometry of wholemovement: folding the circle for information, this title is a comprehensive look at the geometric patterns inherent within the circle and a process for generating this information by folding paper circles. Mathematics and art combine for an experiential method for discovering patterns and relationship in geometry.

Author Bradford Hansen-Smith uses drawings and photographs to guide the reader step-by-step through an exploration of the circle. Contains diverse information about the folding process; geometry, algebra, mathematical observations, transformational movement systems, classroom activities, and discussion about the education process and important of ethical considerations revealed in folding the circle. While written for adults, the material within can be used with children ages 5 and up. More advanced information is provided for older students and teachers. © 2005 Wholemovement™ Publications. ISBN 978-0-9766773-0-7 (097667730X) Paperback. 388 pages. Printed in the USA.