Gift 2 - Sphere, Cylinder & Cube

Froebel USA

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Froebel called this Gift "the children's delight" for the uniqueness of its features. Our Gift 2 set contains 5 wood solids: two 2-inch cubes, two 2-inch cylinder and one 2-inch sphere.

Stringing beads were developed from Froebel's Gift 2, and our set features one of each form drilled all the way through in each axis so they can be strung ... as well as spun manually with included wood sticks, or suspended on a string using the apparatus.

The slide-top wood storage box doubles as a hanging apparatus for spinning the solids, and our unique metal pin connector allows the solids to interchanged quickly. Because Gift 2 is part of larger group of materials it comes with minimal instructions when sold separately like this. More detailed instructions for Gifts 1-6 can be found here.

This Gift is intended for use under adult supervision with children ages 3+. Made in China.