Gift 4 Eight Rectangular Prisms

Froebel USA

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Gift 4 is a two-inch cube divided into 8 oblong, brick-like blocks (2" x 1" x 1/2"). This Gift is a slight variation on Gift 3, as the cube is again divided into 8 pieces. The new rectangular shape (a proportion of 1-2-4 with the 1/2" by 1" by 2" measurements) opens up many new possibilities, and children will recognize this familiar block shape from dominoes, bricks or tiles.

The sturdy slide-top wood box is both storage and an integral part of Gift play. Because Gift 4 is part of larger group of materials it does not come with written instructions when sold separately like this. Instructions for Gifts 1-6 can be found here. Made in USA. For ages 3+.