Gift 7 - Paper Tablets

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These paperboard parquetry tablets are made from thick sturdy stock similar to jigsaw puzzles, and provide a colorful, inexpensive way to explore geometric patterning. Seventh in a series of Froebel® Gifts, these shapes represents the surfaces of the solid Gifts (moving from 3D to 2D is the next level of abstraction). The child will recognize shapes, see patterns and symmetry, and make the transition from constructing objects to representing them in two dimensions.

Includes 172 glossy colored (heavy paperboard) pieces and an instruction booklet. The 7 different shapes include:

Square (1" and 2")
Equilateral triangle (1" and 2")
Right-angled isosceles triangle
Right-angled scalene triangle
Obtuse isosceles triangle
Circle (2")
Half circle (2")

Each shape comes in a pair of complementary colors (orange/blue, red/green, yellow/purple, etc.). Jumbo versions of the circle, square and triangles are provided for younger children under age 4. Made in USA.