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These recordings of Hugh "Uncle Lumpy" Brannum (aka Mr. Greenjeans from the Capt. Kangaroo TV show) with Fred Waring & His Pennsylvanians were never issued as 78 rpm and LP records. So if you weren't listening to NBC radio on some Wed. afternoon between 1947 and 1949 you have not heard these stories.

This CD contains 15 rare radio broadcast transcriptions, digitally transferred from the original wax and wire recording masters by the Waring archivists at Penn State. The Christmas story alone is worth the price of admission, but Orley fans will also appreciate the difference in presentation of these early performances. Brannum's inflections have a "hayseed" quality that was polished out for the Decca recordings. Not to be missed!

Track list:

Orley & the Birdhouse
Orley & the Cap
Orley's Christmas
Orley & the Frog
Orley & the Hornet
Orley's Lesson
Orley & His Magic Feather
Orley & the Magic Stone
Orley's Prized Vegetable
Orley & the Singing Man
Orley & Sleeper
Orley the Taterbug
Orley & the Trombone
Orley's Visiting Engine
Orley's Adventure with the Wind