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If you're looking for the Little Orley stories from the Decca/Vocalion 78 rpm records of the 50's or the LPs from the 60's, this CD contains 14 of the most popular stories, including from the original recordings and the Fred Waring NBC radio shows. These are the same classic adventures of Little Orley (some people spell it Lil' Orly or Little Orlie) that you remember from records of the 40's, 50's & 60's. Performed by Uncle Lumpy (Hugh "Lumpy" Brannum — AKA Mr. Greenjeans from Capt. Kangaroo) and accompanied by the orchestral arrangements of Fred Waring & His Pennsylvanians. Just as funny and enjoyable today as ever. Your children (or grandchildren) will probably like them as much as mine.

Track list:

Orley & the Leprechaun
Little Orley & the Bug Band
Orley & the Barn Dance Little
Orley & the Bookworm
Orley & the Bull Fiddle
Orley & the Parade
Little Orley & the Stranger
Little Orley & the Engine
Orley & the Love Bug
Orley & the Cloud
Little Orley & the Snowstorm
Orley & the Helpful Snowman
Orley & the Glee Club
Little Orley & the Sunday School Picnic