Mayflower 3D Puzzle


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Mayflower is a 3D puzzle from CubicFun and Daron Worldwide Trading. The  111 pieces measure 17.25" long, 6.25" wide, and 15.25" high when assembled. Released 2012. Made in China.

The Mayflower transported Pilgrims from a site near the Mayflower Steps in Plymouth, England, to Plymouth, Massachusetts (which became the capital of Plymouth Colony in 1620. After a grueling 66-day journey marked by disease, which claimed two lives, the vessel dropped anchor inside the hook tip of Cape Cod (Provincetown Harbor). The Mayflower was originally destined for the mouth of the Hudson River, near present-day New York City. However, the Mayflower went off course as the winter approached, and remained in Cape Cod Bay.