Mehen Game of Ancient Egypt


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Mehen is a strategy board game from the Ancient Games of Egypt collection from NewVenture Games. It was played from the pre-dynastic period to the Old Kingdom (c. 3000 – 2181 BCE). It is also called the 'snake game' because the board is shaped like a coiled snake. A Mehen board also appears in a picture in the tomb of Hesy-Ra, and its name first appears in the tomb of Rahotep. Other scenes dating to the Fifth Dynasty of Egypt and Sixth Dynasty of Egypt show people playing the game. No scenes or boards date to the Middle Kingdom of Egypt or New Kingdom of Egypt, and so it appears that the game was no longer played in Egypt after the Old Kingdom.

Components: 5.5-inch square board, 10 pegs (4 each of 2 colors plus a unique color for each player), 4 throw-sticks, and rules. For two players ages 8+. Made in USA.