MuTorere Boardgame

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MuTorere™ is a strategy boardgame for two players. The game originated among the Maori tribes of New Zealand and existed a long time before being recorded by European settlers in the 1850s. Early colonists discovered the game being played by the Ngati-Porou tribe of the Maoris of the East Cape district. However, at the time, the natives were starting to lose interest in the game and it was never popular among the settlers. MuTorere was described in R.C. Bell’s “Board and Table Games, Volume 2” (Oxford University Press 1969), the game became popular again. Mu Torere appears to be an easy game to play, but the settlers were often beaten by Maori players who appreciated the game’s strategy. Includes a hefty 4-inch square maple wood game board, two sets of pegs, and complete instructions. Made in USA for ages 6+.