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This spiral-bound book demonstrates over 120 mathematical terms, functions, and definitions that are experienced by this one fold of the circle in half.

The numerous b/w illustrations and photos illustrate how folding a paper circle in half clearly demonstrates the connections between vocabulary and concepts cited in the current mathematics curriculum standards. Through observation, thinking and talking about the relationships generated from folding one diameter of the circle, students can discover for themselves much about the fundamentals of mathematics.

Through discussions in common language about their observations, math terms can be introduced to add clarity and expand concepts. Folding the circle provides an experiential base from which nothing is added or taken away; everything is in one place (and can be returned to often), where all parts are multi-functional and interrelated within the Wholeness of the circle. Appropriate for first grade teachers on up through high school.

Printed in the USA.  © 2010 Wholemovement™ Publications. Spiralbound 100 pp. ISBN 978-0-9766773-6-9 (0-9766773-6-9)