Paradise of Childhood: Froebel Quotes

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The Paradise of Childhood: The Wisdom & Aphorisms of Friedrich Froebel is a collection of quotes by Friedrich Froebel taken from 19th century English translations of Froebel's writings/lectures. All of your favorite Froebel quotes are here, as well as other wonderful sayings and aphorisms (out-of-print for over 100 years) by the inventor of Kindergarten. Play is the first means of development of the human mind, its first effort to make acquaintance with the outward world, to collect original experiences from things and facts, and to exercise the powers of body and mind. ~ Friedrich Froebel, from Reminiscences of Froebel, p. 67 Edited by Scott Bultman, former director of the Froebel Foundation USA, the quotes are grouped by subject matter (including Play, Childhood, Nature, and Wholeness). These quotes will inspire those working with young children and provide a better understanding of Froebel's important contribution to early childhood education. 64pp. spiral bound ISBN: 978-1930349179 2008