Queen Anne's Revenge 3D Puzzle


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Explore the history of sailing ships with this 3D puzzle model of the famous Queen Anne's Revenge from CubicFun. Easy to assemble, no glue or scissors required. The 155 pieces measure 18.9" by 5.9" wide and 16.7" high when assembled. Made in China from paper and expandable polystyrene (EPS) foam board that complies with all safety standards worldwide. Great for school assignments or building fun. For ages 8+ to adult.

This 300-ton vessel was an English frigate built in 1710 and captured by the French one year later. The ship was modified to hold more cargo, including slaves. Captured by the pirate Captain Benjamin Hornigold on November 28, 1717, near the island of Martinique, Hornigold turned her over to one of his men (Edward Teach, later known as Blackbeard) and made him her captain. Blackbeard made her into his flagship, adding cannons. Shortly after blockading Charleston harbor in May 1718, and refusing to accept the Governor’s offer of a pardon, Blackbeard ran Queen Anne’s Revenge aground while entering Beaufort Inlet.