Stone That Kills game


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This two-player jump-and-capture game is at least 500 years old. Played by the Zuni tribe in the southwestern USA, it's a member of a family of games called "Fighting Serpents" based on the pattern of lines on the board.

This version of the game is called Kolowis Awithlaknannai by the Zuni, which means “Stone That Kills”—a name derived from the power of the stone pawns to “kill” opposing pieces by jumping over them. Each piece can either be moved one space along the lines on the board or can jump a piece to capture it. The objective is simply to eliminate all your opponent’s pieces OR to trap them so they cannot move.

This is a great game for kids and families, and ideal for a trip or outing. The 4x8.5-inch solid wood board features full-color artwork accommodates 24 standard cribbage pegs,  so pieces stay put until moved. Made in the USA for 2 players age 8+.