The Circle: A Wholemovement Perspective


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This is a broad overview that opens directions not found in the author's other books. Using the same folding process, Bradford Hansen-Smith updates the experience of folding circles over the last 13 years. It goes deeper into folding that  reveals  fundamentals of geometry and presents an intimate view of how the author has developed personal expressions from questions asked and  observations made from the folding process. This will help any folder find their own creative direction by folding, reforming, and joining circles. This new work  gives context and meaning to observations and connections readers bring to the process.

Approximately 1,500 color photos and over150 illustrations accompany descriptions to guide the reader through an exploration of the information inherent within circle. Contains diverse information about the folding process; geometry, algebra, mathematical observations, transformational movement systems, classroom activities, and discussion about the education process and important of ethical considerations revealed in folding the circle. © 2024 Wholemovement™ Publications. ISBN 978-0-9766773-5-2 Paperback. 548 pages. Printed in the USA.