Totolospi Strategy Game

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Totolospi™ is a game played by the Moki and Hopi peoples of Southwestern North America, and also found as far north as Comanche territory in Oklahoma. There are several variations of the game boards (some in a cross shape for four players) and also other games known by the same name.

The age of the game is unknown, but playing boards several centuries old have been found. The number of spaces and size of the layouts vary widely. The movement is traditionally determined by casting three flat-sided seeds, casting sticks, or stones painted on one side.

Rules vary from region to region, and the rules given in this version are a hybrid of several accounts. The simple choice “Do I block the opponent’s progress or go for the win?” makes the game tense and exciting, hinging on the next coin toss Includes a hefty 4-inch solid, maple wood game board, two colored pegs, and complete instructions. Made in USA for ages 6+.