Zome Green Lines Expansion kit


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Green Lines Expand your Zome Universe! This kit of 222 pieces adds a new dimension (actually 30 new dimensions) to your Zometool collection and new horizons to explore. When combined with other Zometool kits, you can build:

Rectangular tetrahedra and octahedra, Archimedian solids, explore relationships among Platonic Solids, amazing duals, octet trusses and more.

The Green Lines were first associated with Steve Baer's 31-zone system by Clark Richert, circa 1970. Working independently in Paris, the late artist, Jean Beaudoin, discovered the 30 green lines in relationship to the 15 blue lines at about the same time. Zome green struts were designed by Jean Beaudoin and Fabien Vienne in Paris.

Now with the Green Lines you can increase the number of buildable directions from each Zome connector, offering more advanced model making.

This is intended for experienced Zometool users. Made in the USA.