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Peg Pastimes: 40+ Historic Strategy Games from Around the World contains the history and rules for over 40 of the most famous games in history. Across many cultures and spanning 5,000 years of human civilization, each entry includes a brief history of the game (where and how it developed, and detailed rules) plus graphic representation of the game boards that can be reproduced and played with improvised or borrowed game pieces. Also includes a section on general game terminology. Paperback, ‎ 168 pages. Printed in the USA.

The games in this volume include: Aadu Puli Attam, Achi, Alquerques, Asalto, Bagh Chal, Bear Hunt, Brandubh, Choko, Dara, Dozo, Fanoran-Dimy, Felli, Five-Field Kono, Five Lines, French Solitaire, Fox & Geese, Grasshopper, Hare & Hounds, Horseshoe, Hyena Chase, Jarmo, Konane, Latrunculi (two versions), Len Choa, Madelinette, Man in the Moon, Morabaraba, MuTorere, Nine Men’s Morris, Nyout, Picaria, Pretwa, Queah, Round the Clock, Royal Game of Ur, Sahkku, Seega, Shisima, Surakarta, Tobit, Totolospi, Xi Gua Qi, Yoté,

Author David McCord has been a game hobbyist for most of his life, with a vast and growing collection of table-top games. As a game designer and manufacturer (NewVenture Games), his research led him to discover the fascinating history of games, and the cultural significance of games throughout history. Plus, more games = more fun! Find out more about traditional strategy games that have stood the test of time.